Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation (CChAM) Framework Learning Events

Learning Events

SEARCA’s Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation (CChAM) Framework for Agriculture and Natural Resource Management in Southeast Asia aims to contribute to an enabled environment for rural poverty reduction and food security via built capacities and institutions that ensure climate change resiliency in agricultural production and sustainable natural resource management in Southeast Asia.

Workshop | Vulnerability, Impact, and Adaptation Assessment for Climate Change: Approaches, Methods, and Tools
10-12 July 2013
Hanoi, Vietnam


A three-day workshop that aimed to familiarize focal climate change adaptation (CCA) points in the region with vulnerability, impact, and adaptation assessment (VIA) tools applied in planning CCA initiatives that address the projected impacts of climate change in the agricultural and natural resource management (NRM) sectors of their respective areas. These CCA focal points are involved in the formulation of national communication plans, national adaptation plans, or developing adaptation projects. The forum-workshop presented and demonstrated methodological approaches for assessing capacities and gaps to carry out vulnerability, impacts and adaptation assessment. In the process, it provided a platform for sharing of appropriate and replicable practices and tools for proper VIA towards shared understanding and consolidation of knowledge and experiences.

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ADSS | Climate Change Vulnerability Mapping of SelectedMunicipalities in Laguna, Philippines
By Engr. Vicente G. Ballaran, Jr.

LOS BAÑOS, Philippines – The Province of Laguna in the Philippines, though it has a relatively low exposure to climate change threats, continues to become highly vulnerable because of its low capacity to adapt to typhoons and floods, a recent study shows.

This study, conducted by the Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA) and the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB), under the auspices of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) of Canada, started in May 2011 and will be completed in December 2013. It is part of a multi-country project titled “Building Capacity to Adapt to Climate Change in Southeast Asia” which aims to capacitate three Southeast Asian countries—Cambodia, Philippines, and Vietnam—in research, planning, and action with regard to climate change adaptation. 

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Webinar | Vulnerability and Risk Frameworks: Looking Into VIA Assessment Frameworks, Tools and Indices
By Dr. Rosa T. Perez Senior

Webinar | Vulnerability Assessment in the Philippines: Operationalization of the Concept and Selected Examples
Dr. Charlotte Kendra Gotangco

This webinar was organized by the National Climate Change Commission (NCCC), sponsored by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), and webcasted at DENR Climate Change Office and SEARCA.

Watch the presentation here


ADSS | Climate Smart Disaster Risk Management as Applied to Agriculture
By Ms. Jessica Dator-Bercilla

This presentation on "Climate Smart Disaster Risk Management as Appied to Agriculture" is part of SEARCA's Agriculture and Development Seminar Series (ADSS) held on 22 January 2013 at Drilon Hall, SEARCA. 

Watch her presentation here.


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