Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation (CChAM) Framework Learning Events

Second Training-Workshop for ASEAN Multisectoral Framework on Climate Change (AFCC) Sectoral Working Groups: Integrating Climate Change Adaptation into Development Plans and Investments
24-26 September 2013
RECOFTC, Bangkok, Thailand


Adapting to climate change is a rapidly growing challenge, particularly for developing countries such that many development policies, plans and projects currently do not take climate change into account due to a lack of awareness and clarity on how to effectively develop and integrate adaptation options. This three-day workshop is based on the Policy Guidance on Integrating Climate Change Adaptation into Development Cooperation (OECD Guidance) developed by the OECD’s Environment Policy Committee (EPOC) and its Development Assistance Committee (DAC) with the aim of promoting understanding and identifying appropriate approaches and practical ways for integrating climate change adaptation into development policies and activities at national, sectorial, project and local levels.

The workshop seeks to establish a climate proofing methodology at the regional level, which will be piloted for development plans and projects in the agriculture and forestry sectors to ensure food security. The specific objectives of the workshops are:

  1. to promote an understanding of climate change impacts and the need to mainstream climate adaptation into policies, action plans and projects of the ASEAN Sectoral Working Groups (ASWG);
  2. to facilitate identification and piloting of applications of climate proofing to selected ASEAN initiatives within the AFCC Sectoral Working Group Strategic Plans of Action; and
  3. to qualify representatives of ASWG as advocates for further application of the climate proofing methodology and mainstreaming of climate adaptation in strategies and activities at ASEAN and Member State level.
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