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SEARCA’s Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation (CChAM) Framework for Agriculture and Natural Resource Management in Southeast Asia aims to contribute to an enabled environment for rural poverty reduction and food security via built capacities and institutions that ensure climate change resiliency in agricultural production and sustainable natural resource management in Southeast Asia.


1st Call of the Southeast Asia - Europe Joint Funding Scheme Announced  

The EU funded SEA-EU-NET 2 project has just launched the first call of the Southeast Asia - Europe Joint Funding Scheme.   

Eligible for funding are joint R&D projects designed to lead to innovative products, services or processes of significant economic and/or societal value to both Europe and Southeast Asia. 

Projects must involve at least 3 partners (either 2 different Southeast Asian partners and 1 European partner or 2 different European partners and 1 Southeast Asian partner). Thematic areas for this call are: 

Health  - Anti-microbial drug resistance; Emerging infectious diseases

Environment/ Climate Change  - Adaptation/Resilience of food production systems: Impact of Climate Change on Ecosystems/Biodiversity 

Read more: 1st Call of the Southeast Asia - Europe Joint Funding Scheme Announced


Organizers: The United Nations Development Programme and the United States Agency for International Development Adapt Asia-Pacific Project in cooperation with the Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific, Asian Institute of Technology, under the Climate Change Asia Initiative.

Dates: 21 August to 1 September 2017

Venue: United Nations Convention Center, Bangkok, Thailand

Objective: The training programme aims to equip government officials and other stakeholders in the Asia and the Pacific region with economic tools necessary to identify, prioritize, design and implement climate-resilient projects and policies, formulate national adaptation plans and access climate finance for adaptation action.


  • Introduction to key economic principles and review of impacts of climate change in Asia and the Pacific
  • Assessment of economic impacts of climate change, cost-benefit analysis of investment projects and climate-proofing options
  • Proposal development

Target audience: (1) policy and technical staff from line ministries and national agencies who are involved in national adaptation planning process, development of project proposals on climate change adaptation and mainstreaming climate change adaptation issues into national strategies and plans; and (2) experts in the field of economics or statistics from governmental, non-governmental and academic institutions who are involved in economic analysis of climate change adaptation actions and climate-resilient investments.   



When, local time: 
Saturday, 4 February 2017 - 9:00am to Sunday, 26 February 2017 - 5:00pm

Indonesia, Medan, Cibodas, Lampung

Type of Event:
Category 7-Seminar and Workshop

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The Youth Camp for Fostering Leadership in Addressing Climate Change is a joint cooperation between UNITAR and UNESCO Office Jakarta within the second phase of the UN CC:Learn Project to Strengthen Human Resources, Learning and Skills Development to Address Climate Change. In this project, the main activities are 3-day youth camp aimed at raising climate change awareness among Indonesian youth, who will be playing major roles in the shift towards sustainable lifestyles and in disseminating the importance of climate change adaptation and mitigation. The specific objectives of the activities: 1) to equip university students with knowledge about climate change in agriculture & energy, marine & fisheries, and forestry sectors, 2) to equip university students with communication skills, through social media skills, about climate change in agriculture & energy, marine & fisheries, and forestry sectors, 3) to equip university students with peer education skills and strategy (community engagement), 4) to inform the public on the planning for and results of the “Youth Camp for Fostering Leadership in Addressing Climate Change” through the media, and to educate university journalists on the importance of climate change in agriculture & energy, marine & fisheries, and forestry sectors.

Read more: Youth Camp for Fostering Leadership in Addressing Climate Change in Indonesia


Webinar: “Building a bridge between scientists and communicators”
Date: Tuesday Jan 17th 2017 – at 14:00 Rome time
Duration: 2 hours

Click the link for full announcement: https://blog.gfar.net/2017/01/03/webinar-scientists-and-communicators-friends-or-foes

This webinar is a collaborative effort: a number of scientists and communicators will share their experiences and approaches, their trials and errors to bridge the gap between scientists and communicators.

We will give ample opportunity for all webinar participants to join into the discussion, either to share their own experiences, hints and tricks, or to ask questions to the entire group.



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